Bc127 problem with WT230U from BES

Hi Matt,
a very popular Module WT230U from BES does not reconnect (a2dp connections) to already-paired bc127 modules.
I’m afraid I have not enough equipment to diagnose the problem.

Do you know of that problem? How could I diagnose it on a lower level?

Whats happeing? In short: When you turn on any other (paired) headphones, the bc127 module is triggered and writes the usual “OPEN…” via the serial console and connects a2dp just fine.

WIth the WT230U module from BES, absolutely nothing happens. So I need to diagnose WHAT triggers the bc127 to OPEN the connection, because obviously that trigger is missing in the WT230U chipset.

I know that you want everybody to go all the way through the commercial channel, but that proved so ineffective every time (see the Airpods problem) that I need technical help. This is the second huge incompatibility with bc127 which again eradicates compatibility with a large portion of bluetooth devices.

How to tackle this on a technical level?