BC127 Wireless Headphones not connecting

I am trying to connect the BC127 discovery board to a pair of bluetooth headphones so that I can stream music. However, when using the command “INQUIRY 20 0 5” the BC127 never sees the bluetooth address of my headphones. I have configured the profiles to be: PROFILES=0 2 0 2 2 1 2 1 0 0 1 0 (putting into A2DP source mode). Additionally, I have confirmed that I can pair the device with my cellphone, so I know it’s not the headphones. I have done this in the past and managed to connect to some bluetooth headphones but it seems the board is very picky with the headphones that it sees. How can I get the board to see the bluetooth headphones?


Why are you limiting the inquiry to 5 results (this does not mean 5 devices), the unit will output messages from the units it sees around it as it sees them. If you have something that is broadcasting a lot then the BC127 might hit the 5 limit very quickly and miss the headphones if it is not broadcasting very often, just try the command.

inquiry 20

To see if you can see the headphones



Ah, thank you this was my problem. A follow up question then, I am now trying to pair using PAIR FCA89A741ED4. I have notoriously been getting errors when I do not fill in all the arguments (optional or not) so I’ve just been filling them all in. A follow up, when I did my original command, I did not see any device pop up at all, I’m assuming it has to do with my middle argument. How does the middle argument effect that as I do not fully understand that.