Bc127 bluetooth

Hi I am working as a tester technician I do functional test for a device which have bc 127 Bluetooth but some time its not connecting or give me mic problem can someone explain me why. Thanks

Hi @sadiqphany,
Which is the version BC127 using? Please upgrade to the latest FW then check again. The tool and instroduction are posted here. If the problem still happens please share the BC127’s config

How can I upgrade if its already fix in circuit board

Hi @sadiqphany,
The upgrade procedure will be done via AT command. Connect your module to the platform (Window or linux) then go to AT mode
Does your circuit board look like this?
If yes, please use a cable to connect the module via the highlighted port (the name is USB<>UART).
For window, go to device manege to determine the COM port

Then, use a terminal tool to enter the AT mode, hercules tool is a choice

On linux:

If you use the other circuit board then try to find the uart terminal and follow the procedure
Please share if you have any concern


I presume you mean if it is built into an application board (not our discovery kit)? Then your options for upgrading are limited as you essentially need to be able to get to the UART of the unit to be able to perform the upgrade.

With regards you issue you are going to need to give a bit more information than you have as it is far too light be able to give a sensible feedback. I would start by sending the below commands to the unit and posting them.