BC127 resets after inquiry command

We are trying to use BC127 to connect to to car infotainment system. In most of the cases it work fine, but we seeing issue in some cases.After we issue INQUIRY 5 command BC127 just resets. We know mac address of the infotainment system and if we hardcode it it can connect to it without problem, but INQUIRY command just failing

We are trying to move from Melody 5.8 to 7.3 and we also have this exact problem.

Sometimes it works for several cycles of “INQUIRY 5”, sometimes it repeatedly resets after the first few results.

Did you find what could be the reason. I feel it depends on device which is currently pairing. With some devices we dont see this issue at all, but with some we never get any result from INQUIRY command. always resets

No, we don’t know what the reason is.

We did several tests to rule out hardware issues on our side, like power supply etc. but everything seems fine. And older versions of the firmware definitely did not show the issue. I’d track down the version when the issue first appeared, but sadly Sierra Wireless seems to have removed all the older pre-7.0 versions of the Melody firmware.

I can not confirm that pairing/paired devices have an influence on the issue. To me it seems somewhat related to how many Bluetooth devices are in the area. It seems on “slow days” when only few people with their phones etc. are around, INQUIRY seems to reset less often.