BC127 automatically resets after 1 second

I am using a BC127, with version V5.0, and am trying to communicate with it such that I can perform a firmware upgrade. However, after (almost exactly) 1 second, the module resets. As a result, I get a reset message on my Putty terminal. There seems to be no external signal (that I can think of) that are influencing this. When I observe the Tx pin of the BC127, I get the image below.


However, when I continuously send command “RESET” to the board, I get the image seen below. It looks like the “RESET” message is eliminating the 824ms section of the wave, indicating to me a software reset is occurring every 1 second when there is no user input (the hardware pin RST# consistently remains high).

Is there any circumstance that would cause a 1 second software reset?


I found a solution to my problem. I was simply able to just use the DFU tool to upload the latest firmware which fixed the problem. It took more than one try though as I’m guessing that trying to talk to it in the 334ms reset pulse would not give the DFU tool a response.