Airpods kills bc127 with Melody 7.3?

When trying to pair airpods, the bc127 module reboots.
Happens every time, easy to reproduce.

Can anybody confirm?

Also happens with Melody 7.2

Also happens with Melody 7.1

Happens from time to time with Melody 6.1.5, too.

Dear Sierrawirreless,
this is also a topic for our company. We get a lot of complaints that Apple Airpods are not useable and the investigations shows that while INQUIRY and Airpods in pairing mode the module suddenly resets!

Will there be an update? We also have some problems with random resets while INQUIRY but the Airpods crash the module with every try! So please investigate


Unfortunately there are no planned firmware updates for the BC127.



Thanks for the feedback.

I also tried it with the BC127 discovery board - same behavior.
So this should really be an issue of the BC127 module/software.
Our company which is manufacturing high end TV sets would appreciate if there would be a fix available. It seems we have quite a lot of customers with apple headphones!

Best Regards,

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Hi Matt,
it’s not as if the bc127 module would not need an update.
This is a real bug in a real world, and it’s a major one.

Another one is a very loud pop noise on the analog outputs when the internal DSP on the modules turns off.

So… did you in fact just declare the EOL of these modules?


An EOL is when we are not going to produce the hardware any more and you are unable to buy it, this is different to not planning any more releases.

If you have an issue then push it through your commercial channel (so who you bought it through) and it will be evaluated on its commercial priority.