BC118 Firmware Availability


The Melodysmart Android App used to be able to retrieve a list of firmware versions, and process an OTA to whichever you downloaded. Now it seems none are available. I can only assume that the ImageManager.getBaseURL() function has been deprecated.

I need to be able to update to firmware version 3.7.4 to make my application viable. Is the firmware file available anywhere?


I’m having the same problem. The issue exists in the iOS apps as well. It seems to be independent of operating system (android 5/6/7/8/ iOS 11/12)


There have been some issues with the hosting company for the legacy Blue Creation websites that appear to also be impact the site used for the BC118 FOTA files. Sierra Wireless is working on a solution but no ETA at this time.



In the meantime, could you provide the 3.7.4 firmware file somewhere?


Or some other way to do the updates, we too are SOL at this point. Right now I have a box of devices I can’t use till they get updated, and till the WEB site comes back up I’m hosed.

I’m open to anything, These boards don’t have the programming port exposed, so can’t do it that way, so it ether from the micro side or some other OTA method, is my only option.


Firmware upgrade for Melody Smart Application fix for Android platform. Please try the upgrade process now.

IOS still broken.