BC118 Firmwares


I’m with more than 500+ BC118 modules with problem, so I checked and until now, more than 50 are in OTA mode (I never entered that, and the module is attached to a custom PCB and the final user cant communicate directly).

The MelodySmart App does not work anymore, it cannot download the firmware images, so I cannot upgrade via OTA there.

Where can I grab a copy of the BC118 Firmware? (v3.7.4 is in the modules that works)

Also, to update it, can I use some UART tool?


Hi @matheus,

Based on your description, are you facing the OTA mode issue on just the 50pcs BC118, or on all 500pcs?

When you mention ‘The App Melody Smart does not work anymore,’ does it mean that the Melody Smart app is no longer available, or you are unable to use the app to update the firmware?

If you can still use the Melody Smart app, please refer to section 13: Over the Air Updates (OTAU) as well as the OTAU Troubleshooting section on page 36 of the following document to see if the issue can be resolved:


Hi @jerdung !

No, we have more than 500 modules with problem, so I started checking one by one to see what is happening, and in the time of the post, I had tested 50un, now I’m at 300, and all of them are stuck on OTA.

About the App Melody, the app opens, I can connect to the Module, it tells me that are on OTA mode (MelodySmart OT), but the host server with the firmwares appears to be unavailable, so I can’t download or update it or even get out of the OTA mode.

There are some posts about that already: