BC118 switched to MelodySmart OT

One of my customers is using the BC118 in one of their products. Many of their products are already deployed in the field. Recently one of the products returned from the field, unable to connect with a smart phone. After some investigation, it was determined that the module identified itself as MelodySmart OT. The customer resolved this by using the proper recovery steps.

The question is: How is it possible that the BC118 enters the OTAU modes without purpose? Is the above described situation a known issue? Can it be avoided?

All input is welcome.



We too have had this situation where the device is working correctly for the end user, only to stop pairing. When we get the device back to us, it’s stuck in OTAU mode. The end users of the devices wouldn’t be trying to do an update and don’t have the MelodySmart app to initiate an update, so how is this occurring? For reference we are currently using firmware v 3.5 and it must remain 3.5 or it breaks other things in our firmware.

Has anyone solve this problem? Some of my products are showing the same failure and causing a big problem for my end customer (and for me).