Basic advise pease

I have a vehicle mounted FXT009 linked by RS232 to a control box that I am hopping to use in retrieving data from the internet. The internet site will be updated and this is what I want to stream to the FXT.
As this is a new project and the first time I have used a FXT I would like some advise. I have done a lot of searching without gaining much knowledge.
Do you use AT commands to tell the AT what IP addresses to access or is there some other type of programming needed?

Some examples would be great but any help very appreciated.

Hi TimFr,

Does the control box has PPP and TCP/IP stack? If yes, control box can initial data connection via PPP dialup and get the data from internet thru FXT.

Otherwise, if control box only supports AT commands, please try “Extended AT Application” and use +WIP command so it can request data connection and get the data inside FXT.
For detail, please refer to,-d-,56-at-commands-interface-specification/, section 9 comes with AT commands example for different protocols.

Hope it helps.

Not sure is there a way I can test to see if it has?

Thank’s Lotam