BAD software


my device Q2686h send BAD SOFTWARE. Help me…

I download new OS (6.63 ) in Q2686 with hyperterminal (dwl.dwl 6.63 … dwl, w.dl), when i restart device and it send BAD SOWTWARE.

already tried to recover with the dwlwin app?

Anyone know how to resolve this? Dwlwin doesn’t help with that problem

if it can’t be solved with dwlwin (and ofcourse setting the boot-pin in the right state) then you need to contact your distributor to resolve this situation.
but dwlwin even brought back a totally unresponcive module for me once.

what are the errors dwlwin is giving you?

Just a note, to be sure to understand perfectly what happened.

Please specify which software was present into the module: which version of 6.63 firmware.

Then, specify which files in detail did you tried to upload into your Q26.

Thank you,