AT command

Hi i am using SL8082T sierre wireless modem.I need to get the location by GPRS or GSM but without GPS by AT command.So please help me to get the relevent AT command to get the device Location through AT command.

 Thanks in Advance

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Hi Giri,

Does this application note fit your requirement?

Or could you please explain what you want to achieve exactly?
Hope it helps.

I am using HL8548 ,We want to get the latitude and longitude information from the modem through the AT command. We know that modem HL8548 wont supports GPS.
the application notes “Geolocation through Cell ID” applicable for HL8548 as well ?

The principles of Geolocation by Cell-ID are entirely general - so it will be applicable to that extent.

The specific AT commands and other implementation details will not be applicable.