HL 8548 GPS accuracy


How i can get the GPS accuracy value in meters on HL8548G?
When this feature will be added?
How i can transform DOP value to accuracy?


Did you try using AT+GPSPVT command .
You can get the details of the command from the AT command guide which can be downloaded from the following link

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I read AT-command manual before writing the post.
This command haven’t information about a GPS accuracy.
This MODULE not provide information about a GPS accuracy.
But i need it.
Are you can added this features in new firmware version? Because the filtration of location data without accuracy not very correct and for HL8548 this is necessary.

Take a look at +GPSCONF or +GPSCONF? to get the values.

To set the accuracy look at config type 11 and the values for configVal1 and ConfigVal2

Thanks! I will try change the values)
Can I change the power consumption of the GPS receiver in RUNNING state(GPSCONF:0,* from 0 to 3) or not? Under what conditions can this be done?