HL8548-G : RTC accuracy

Hello everyone,

Does anyone knows where I can find information about internal HL8 RTC accuracy?
I did’nt find anything in Technical specification.

Thank you.
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Hi @dquintin,
What is area you want? For check RTC on module you can refer to AT commands as below link:
On 21.3. +MSORTCSTATUS Command: Display Trust RTC Status
And below for more information
Let feel free share your concern and tick Solution if your question is answered

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Hello Vianney,
Thank you for you support again.

I’m looking for RTC accuracy in part per million (ppm) to know how much time RTC clock will take being late/early after few years running without any new synchronising from outside.

I’ve already search in technical spec but nothing about RTC spec (just RTC battery… ).

I had a look to MSORTCSTATUS too. But it seems not to show any RTC specification. Just status.


It seems that my Airprime RTC is currently shifting for about few seconds a day.
No one has some of a piece of answer to Airprime internal RTC accuracy here?