AT command AT+COPS=? for ES450?

Is there any way to know list of mobile carrier for ES450.
AT command AT+COPS=? is NOT working.
Please give me information.

Hi @tishizuka869,
I cannot find any command supporting to list the mobile carrier. It looks like the GW allows to query mobile network operator of the active connection only. It seems like below

Please share any concerns you have and help to stick Solution under my response if it answers your question

Thank you for your reply.
The screen image is as follows:

Actuall this SIM is multi roaming type, If I type AT+COPS=? on aother IoT router.
This SIM shows three roaming carrier and I can change AT+COPS=1,2, Number of Operator.

Other Major IoT router can accept this operation, but ES450 cannot.

I’d like to know the reason why?

I think AT+COPS=? command is not supported on ES450
Once I got another IoT device and got all Oprator IDs.
Then AT+COPS=1 (Manual), 2 (Numeric), “NNNNN” (Operator ID) commend accepted.
I could also return auto selection mode AT+COPS=0

So now it is ok for me. But ES 450 or OS should support AT+COPS=?

Thank you for your comment.

Hi @tishizuka869,
Thanks for letting us know about your situation I absolutely understand it’s frustrating to lose that command that you wish to use for roaming carriers. That feature isn’t currently in the Airlink development roadmap. It maybe a future plan

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