On the Wavecom website a plug-in, aqLink, is listed:

I can’t seem to find any other information about this plug-in anywhere else. Does anyone know where I can find it or where it is discussed in more detail?

I guess you should talk to your Distributor

A quick search found this:
Perhaps you could also try some of the contacts given there…?

It could, of course, just be marketing vapour-ware… :frowning:

I have heard that Airbiquity was not selected for eCall - they chose the Qualcomm solution instead.

I found this whitepaper on the Qualcomm site, which says

But I can’t find anything on the 3GPP site that specifically states that Qualcomm was adopted, and Airbiquity was not. The notes of the Plenary meetings seem to deliberately avoid naming the candidates:

So, can anyone confirm this?
Can anyone provide a link to an official announcement that specifically names the chosen candidate?