Is there an Airlink modem that works in Japan and Korea?

Hi, I’ve been using GPRS Wavecom (now Airlink) modems for my projects via AT commands. Recently, I’ve a customer who asked if I can provide a solution for their Japanese and Korean customers. I’ve read that iPhone which supports HSPA(known as 3G I believe) works in Japan and Korea. Previously there was an FXT003 which is now EOL as confirmed by my modem distributor. Is there an alternative solution that I can use?

Has anyone faced a similar situation? Thank you.

Hi clickndeploy,
Thank you for the enquiry !
It’s true the AirLink 'low-tier" portfolio doesn’t work in South-Korea and Japan and you will need an approved 3G device for this.
If you are looking for a terminal, I recommend the AirLink Raven XE, which is a 3G gateway approved for Japan . And moreover, you won’t need to play with AT commands anymore, as it is an actual plug-and-play Ethernet gateway :slight_smile:

Let us know if anything further required for your need