AirLink FXT009 on Edimax Router Edimax

Hi all!
I want to connect Sierra Wireless AirLink FXT009 by USB to a Router. Is this possible? Can I configure the router to connect 3G with FXT009? Any help will be apreciated…

That depends entirely upon the Router - study its documentation, and/or contact its supplier and/or manufacturer.

Thank you awneil,

Here is the compatibility list of Edimax 3g-6200N:

Sierra 305 / 306 / 307/ 875U / 880U / C885(AT&T) / Compass 885U / Aircard875* / Aircard880E* / 888 / C889 / MC8790

Sierra Wireless Compass 597 / 598 / 598U

It’s there any possibilities to simulate any of these modems to work in AirLink FXT009?

The question is to what extent the router relies upon proprietary commands and/or devices-specific options/implementation details - and only the router manufacturer can answer that.

Yes, it would be possible to write an Open-AT application to make an FXT “spoof” another modem…

this is the answer of Edimax support:

"Hi Manuel,

It is true that the software engineers may try different commands to communicate with a particular 3G modem adapter.
But they will not do it because this item is discontinued.

Sorry about this.

So why not just use one of them :question:

If you use anything else, there will always be the risk that you’ll hit some “unforeseen” corner case - and you will get no support from the Router manufacturer…


Case closed. I just ordered my provider 5 AirCard USB 308.
“awneil” thank you very much for immediate assistance. +1 for your help.
Have a nice day 8)