App Note Wrongly Classified: External Battery Charging Solut


External Battery Charging Solution
WM_DEV_MOD_APN_002 Rev 002
February 18, 2010

This is listed on the Fastrack support page: … _EDGE.aspx

The ‘Hardware Compatibility’ list has checks for
AirLink FXT Series : Fastrack Xtend GPRS; Fastrack Xtend EDGE; Fastrack Xtend HSPA; Fastrack Xtend CDMA.

This is wrong, because the user does not have have the necessary access to the embedded module within the Fastrack.


Are you trying to say that the user does not have access to VBATT,GND,ON\OFF pin of the module to connect it with the charger interface ??


Actually, I think the user probably does now have access to the necessary pins on the XTend (but not the Supreme or earlier) - via its new 10-pin microfit connector, as used by the backup battery accessory.

But this is not documented at all in the Fastrack XTend User Guide, and is not adequately documented in the battery accessory documentation to allow a user to apply this.


The Supreme (and earlier) don’t give access to the module’s VBATT at all.


Hi Awneil

A documentation tracker has been created for the same.Will keep you updated on this.



Which issue(s) are you tracking:

  • the lack of documentation of the XTend’s charging interface?
  • the (possible) mis-classification of this app note?
  • both?
  • other…??


We are tracking the lack of documentation of the XTend’s charging interface. Will update you
about the second issue also soon.


Excellent! :smiley:

I think it would also be worth having an application note that specifically discussed & illustrated the design of an external battery backup for an XTend


Any progress on that :question:

Or that :question:


Aparently not: