Any way to use I2C on SL808x?

Hi all,

Our team is developing on the SL8080BT, but it appears that the latest firmware package for this module (7.52.2.A5.201411281219) doesn’t support I2C. Firmware package 7.53.0.A3.201501301110 appears to include I2C support, but the SL808x series isn’t included.

Has anyone else had success with I2C on this device? If so, how were you able to get it working? Any insight on how to use I2C on this module would be appreciated.

Ask your distributor for the 7.53 beta for SL808xT. It should include support for i2c from OpenAT. I am not sure but I believe that 7.53 should be released soon for SL808xT.