SL8082 with DS 2.2

I got a sl8082 module,and i connected it with DS 2.2.When I open the port,it told me an error occured!(HAPC AT Test error).I try it by uart and usb virtual comport,the error is same.

and I input an at command:“at+wopen =2”,it told me error :open_mouth: Can SL8082 use OPENAT?

the module version is :

In the DS 2.2 release notes: DS2.2 supported SL808xT? is it supported SL8082?

Only SL808XT editions support Open AT, and consequently only the “T” modules are also supported by DS.

Thanks,But I cannot find it in Chinese agent!

Sorry but I don’t catch what you mean…

The 8082T is not yet generally available - I’ve got an engineering sample, after a lot of effort. It’s not quite bugfixed yet.