SL8082 use OpenAT?

I got a sl8082 module,and i connected it with DS 2.2.When I open the port,it told me an error occured!(HAPC AT Test error).I try it by uart and usb virtual comport,the error is same.

and I input an at command:“at+wopen =2”,it told me error :open_mouth: Can SL8082 use OPENAT?

the module version is :

SL8082 is supporting Open AT… But not the unit you have in your hands !
The units supporting Open AT have a white label and an Open AT logo.


Is it possible to support openat by updating its firmware?

There are any news?

No, it is not.
Only module that will have the Open AT logo could benefit of Open AT. Firmware upgrade can’t change this.
Module are identified by “T” suffix.

SL8082: Not supporting Open AT, label doesn’t have any Open AT logo printed on it
SL8082T: Open AT supported, label include an Open AT logo printed on it.

While ordering module, please ensure to have the “T” one.