Support / availability SL808x

Hi Folks,

we have to extend some functionality on an project based on SL808x and need to know if its worth it. There is no OpenAT update any more since some time, but the module seems to be still available on the market. We got some feedback that it would be EOL, but I could not find any official notice. Some years ago we got the information that the module would be available till about 2021.

Is there an official statement?

Thank you in advance!

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Yes the unit is still commercially available with no EOL against it at the moment.

There is no official statement on how much longer it will still be available other than to say there are some key customers buying it in significant volumes, when they stop taking it then we will probably issue an EOL with our normal planning of 6 months LTB + 6 months LTD which you might be able to extend out further with a distributor holding stock for you.