I2C on SL808X

AirPrime_SL808x_Product_Technical_Specification_and_Customer_Design_Guidelines_Rev7_0.pdf indicates that SL808x series does support I2C, but in other documents, it is indicated that SL808x series does NOT support I2C.

For example AirPrime_SL_Series_Migration_Guide_Rev4_0.pdf indicates that it is only SL6087 and SL9090 in the SL series that support I2C.

These inconsistencies cause confusion.

Will SL808x support I2C or not?

(At least current beta firmware for SL808xT indicates that I2C is not supported)

Hi tobias,

I understand your point related to the documentation.
I2C bus has been populated on SL808xT, the hardware has been make to have it ready without having to change the module.
The software doesn’t enable it yet, and we have not yet defined a date to enable it.

If you have an application for which you’re interested to use it, please let me know.


We do have an interest in using I2C on SL808XT since we are already using UART and SPI…
I’ll have to get back later with scenario.

I’d have to add that I2C is almost critical in portable applications as many battery protection/charging ICs are only available in I2C.

The extremely limited I/O on the SL808X modules also means that a bus based protocol such as I2C is extremely desirable. Yes it is possible to daisychain SPI modules, but the result is far from elegant and the required ICs for a system may not even be available with an SPI interface.

Hi Christophe

I am looking to implement an accelerometer over i2c with the SL808x - is this possible now?


I2C will be available in the next official release of SL808xT, 7.53.1.A1, which is expected in Q1 next year.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there a list of expected updates associated with the next official release of SL808xT?

In particular, I need to use at least the external ADC, two GPIOs and 10/100baseT if I2C is not available soon. Are these all fully supported now?

Sorry, I can’t help with that.

See the latest PTS http://developer.sierrawireless.com/Resources/Resources/AirPrime/Hardware_specs_user_guides/AirPrime_SL808xT_SL808xBT_and_SL808xBTA_Product_Technical_Specification_and_Customer_Design_Guidelines.aspx for GPIOs & ADC. PTS also mentions USB CDC-EEM class, which may be an alternate option for your Ethernet requirement.