Any chance of a non-UART interface?

The biggest trouble for me with both this Location Plugin and C-GPS before it is that it consumes a UART interface.

I would much rather have the UART available for other things!

Is there any chance of an I2C or SPI version (they are supported by the underlying chipset) :question:

I believe an I2C interface is planned… :slight_smile:

Thanks - that would be great!

Can you provide any more details, or a contact for more details?


Putting “Location Plugin” into the search box on the SiWi site give no relevant hits (just a few test reports).

This document mentions only UART interface - nothing about I2C (or SPI).

Also: … M0110.aspx

Helloooooooo Sierra Wireless - is anyone listening at all :question:

Good morning guys,

I2C support to be included from OASiS 2.35 for the XM0110.


That’s good. :smiley:

Also SPI :question:

No SPI on the XM0110 at the moment. Don’t think that will change any time soon :slight_smile:

Hmmmm… so why did I think there was?! :confused:

Is it that SPI exists on the chipset, but is not brought out on the module :question:

Yeah, the SiRFstarIV chipset supports I2C, SPI and UART, but the module and location plug-in only support I2C and UART (and I don’t think I2C is quite ready yet). There is no indication in the XM0110 technical specs that it supports SPI at this stage (hopefully this will change at some point, cause I’d much prefer to use SPI!).

The XM0110 PTS says that it contains a GSD4t:

Just spoke to the guys at SiWi, I2C for the XM0110 will be available in Q1 2011, no plans for SPI on the XM0110 at this stage.

I2C Interface now supported by XM0110.

Release notes for Location Plug-in 1.1.0:

Just in time, then!

I presume that’s still the case?

As far as I know, yes, that’s still the case!