I2C on XA1110: Firmware and Datasheet Versions

We had a bit of a scare on a project where we are laying out a board that uses the XA1110. We were working with the link on digikey for part XA1110_1104308. The datasheet there is rev1, according to which the I2C is diabled. A newer version (rev5) of the datasheet on the sierra site does not say I2C is disabled, so we assume as long as we source up-to-date hardware, we can be sure I2C will work. Is the part sold on digikey up-to-date with functioning I2C or do we need to source elsewhere? We do not want to have to re-flash each unit with new firmware to enable the feature.


So the hardware for the XA1110 is the same across the board it is just the software configuration that it comes in that changes across the SKU’s, so just make sure you order the right one. I think the one you are after will be as follows:

1104306 XA1110,GENERIC,GNSS,AXN5.1.6,GNSS=AB,UART+I2C; 9600 BAUD

4308 is UART+SPI.