XM1110 I2C interface

I am trying to enable the I2C interface on the XM1110 dev board.
I can connect via UART and see NMEA traffic and I can connect using SW GNSS Tool and can issue PMTK602 Query Data Port commands and get the correct response.
However, when I try a port scan on I2C, the program hangs when it pings 0x10 (which according to the AirPrime_XA_and_XM_Series_NMEA_over_I2C_Application_Note_Rev1_0.pdf is the I2C address).
I have tried port scanning from different host devices with same effect.
The AirPrime_XM1110_Product_Technical_Specification_Rev6_0.pdf states “I2C disabled in XM1110 by default, keep pin floating.”

Does anyone know how I2C is enabled or why I2C bus ping is causing hang?


I have found a link which suggests that the MT3333 requires special firmware to support I2C (http://labs.mediatek.com/en/faq/FAQ19135). It also mentioned in AirPrime_XM1110_Spec_Rev1_6-23-17.pdf (but not the latest version) that “I2C_SCL and I2C_SDA pins are disabled by FW”.

Can anyone confirm this and indicate if this firmware that enables I2C is available/supported by SW?

I found the firmware. Hopefully this will fix the issue:-).
If anyone else faces the same issue, module can be re-flashed with BIN file enabling I2C via SW GNSS tool.
BIN files available: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/software/firmware-xm1110-and-xm1110-dev-kit/#sthash.qbbj0efn.GwtN182j.dpbs