Using I2C versus Uart on XA1110


I would like to use I2C on an XA1110 device, I am assuming that the messages are stored in an FIFO fashion and can be read as a block of data?



The capacity of the buffer is 255 bytes, and the master reads one I²C data packet for maximum 255 bytes at a time. To get a complete NMEA packet of one second, the master will need to read several I²C data packets and then extract valid NMEA data from these packets.

After reading one I²C data packet, the master will then sleep for 2ms before it starts to receive the next I²C data packet. The 2ms-sleep is a rule to upload new NMEA data into I²C TX buffer. After a complete NMEA packet of one second is read, the master is set to sleep longer to wait next NMEA packet of one second being ready.