Any documents to show to interface with Q2686 I/O

We are doing a kind of program to measure some voltage and send out via sms to phone.
We finish with the auto-smsing already. We need some help to do interfacing with the I/0 of Q2686 with external device.
We need some reference documents and simple programs to start with.
If you have any or know any links, please help us.

I’ll just add my post. What we need now is how to how to convert Analog signal to digital signal? WE found out that there’s a
D/A converter not A/D. Our idea is like input the voltage value and read through Q2686. if there anything u found out please help!! thanks
Best regard,

you can always use en external a/d converter with an i2c or spi interface
examples on how to program for the i2c and spi interfaces are included in the default examples
most ad-converters (like those from maxim-ic) also come with example circuits in their documentation

There are 2 A/D converters on the Q2686, one typically used to monitor external battery temperature, and the other for customer applications. The converters are more than 10-bit resolution, ranging from 0 to 2V. See pg 45 of the Q2686 product specification PDF