A/D converstion


How to convert Analog signal to digital signal? WE found out that there’s a D/A converter not A/D. Our idea is like input the voltage value and read through Q2686.And if we want to connect to the pin how we connect? connect directly to the pin or through serial port? if there anything u found out please help!! thanks.
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hmm. there should be 2 analog to digital converters on the Q2686.
the is atleast one for reading the battery voltage


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I found the A/D converter. But i wanna know how we connect? If we wanna connect to pin 18 ,is it we connect the pin through J201?If we want to mesure the voltage of a battery,do we directly connect to the pin? Is there any documents that can help us?
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See the Product Technical Specification, or “PTS” for short.

Also check out the Application Notes.

And be sure to speak to your Distributor - they are there to support you in your design!


Thanks for the reply again :slight_smile:. I reading through those notes hope i can find a way . Ya i hope my distributor is more responsible, it’s quit hard to contact him.
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