Interfacing q2686 with sd/mmc

hi i want to interface q2686 module with sd card any one please help what are the doc i have to refer if any one please guide me…
thank you…


Have you searched the forum? There are at least two other threads discussing this. See here and here.

What have you tried so far? Have you sucessfully interfaced a SD card to a microcontroller before? How much do you know about the SD card protocol? Have you used the SPI bus on the Q2686 to interface to a simple device such as an EEPROM?

I doubt very much that someone on the forum is just going to ‘give’ you access to their code - there’s a lot of work (and intelectual property) tied up in interfacing to a SD Card (and the FAT file system associated with it).

ciao, Dave

hi Dave thanks for reply
i did project on implementing fat32 file system by using avr microcontroller . I required basic spi communication program for q2686 means how to create spi in q26 series if u know please refer any weblinks or if u have basic c code please copy to me i am using m2m studio open at 6 version .
sorry for my english
thank you

Have you looked at the SPI “External Storage” example :question:

It illustrates how to use the SPI to read & write an EEPROM - that should be sufficient to get you started…

hi awneil
thanks for u reply … I am working on that example its diffcult to understand to me.For accessing and read write into sd card have separate commands where i can use theses commands .there are two steps
first write data into spi bus
then spi bus to sd card
in this example i haven’t found statement like enter the data into EXTERNAL STORAGE .there is only readbuffer and writebuffer is there how can i write my own data into writebuffer.
if do u have code please copy to me
so sorry for my english
thank you…