Am unable to send email

I have an IoT device behind an RV55. Currently, the only DNS that works as an entry on my IoT device is the internal network address on the RV55 (matching the gateway # on the IoT). Currently, attempting to send email to smtp servers (on ports 25, 465 with ssl, 587 with STARTTLS) all fail with connection timeouts. I have tried GMX, and 2 other accounts with no success. My IoT device has a ping utility; I am successfully able to ping outside sites (,,, etc) on port 80. Am only able to ping the RV55 internal ip address on port 53, all other ports connect timeout or connect refused.

Added note: RV55 is running ver

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How did you config SMTP service? Please share log file and template file on RV55 with me.



I’ll try and get you the information you need. As far as setup, the system is an IoT device capable of being configured to send email and sms text messages when configured as such when alarm conditions are present.

It is connected by an unmanaged switch to the RV55. Specific port forwarding is set up so that 6 key ports are forwarded from the WAN to the IoT device as needed for IoT setup and monitoring from remote.

I see that the RV55 has capability of being set up to relay email. Can the IoT device use the RV55 as the SMTP server and then have the RV55 be set up with the proper smtp server settings? Currently, all other attempts at setting up connections to remote smtp servers directly from the IoT device fail with connection timeouts.

I was able to get email service working. Changing the VPN settings allowed the IoT device to connect to remote smtp services. Evidently, even though we are not using VPN, the Out of Band policies are still in effect? I was only able to get smtp connections by setting LAN Host Generated
Outgoing Traffic to “Allowed”.

I already have port forwarding rules in place for the specific inbound ports I need to connect to the IoT device. Should I then go ahead and set the Out of Band Policies for Incoming Traffic to “Allowed” as well?