Alerts Rules Problem


I send data with my LUA programme to the airvantage platforms. But I cannot create a rules with this data.

Enclosed a capture about my rules and my report data. I don’t understand why I don’t get a e-mail ?

Thank you in advance,


Hi Sebastien,

The link between your device and the alert is the data defined in the application model.
The data description must be consistent from the device until the alert rules. Let’s have a look!

A data Id identify a data and is build using the .(.)*

For example:

<encoding type="M3DA">
        <asset default-label="MyModel" id="uplink">
          <variable default-label="FTP Problem" path="Problem_FTP" type="int">
            <description>FTP Problem </description>
          <variable default-label="Nb of FTP Error" path="Count_Error_FTP" type="int">
            <description>FTP Count</description>

where asset-id is uplink, no node-id and data-path is Problem_FTP. The data id is uplink.Problem_FTP

You have to send your data from the device using this id. If it’s ok, in the timeline, you will see the label (here FTP_Problem) and not the data id like in your first screenshot below. If you see the data id, that means your data is not “recognized” by AirVantage (it may not be an issue thought).
It seems your problem is here.
Once this is ok, you can use this data in the alert rule.
Trigger: when system communicates
Condition: Data value, select your application and your data and then how to compare the data with a value and the value itself.

According to your second screenshot, your alert rule is ok.

Don’t hesitate to ask question here if it is not clear.