Airvantage API - 503 error when GET alerts/current

Referring to API docs for Current Alerts, here:

After successfully authenticating, and then issuing a GET request, (using Postman), like this:

https://{{swhost}}/api/v3/alerts/current&targetId={{swsystem}} where swhost is our endpoint url, and swsystem is the systemId I want the alerts for. I’m setting the auth token consistently as I do in other working requests, aka Bearer: in the headers.

I’m getting an html response:



<h1>503 Service Unavailable</h1>

No server is available to handle this request.



This is the only API call that’s doing this; all my other calls work fine, and given the response, I’m wondering what’s up? Thanks for any help.

Nevermind, I caught my error.

This: https://{{swhost}}/api/v3/alerts/current&targetId={{swsystem}}

Should be: https://{{swhost}}/api/v3/alerts/current?targetId={{swsystem}}

Improperly formed parameter in the URL. ?, not & for the first one…