API: get to system find results in error: context.unknown

I successfully authenticate using the resource owner flow, and get back an auth token. When subsequently accessing other api calls using that token, I’m getting a 404 with json body as:

“error”: “context.unknown”,
“errorParameters”: null

I’m setting an Authorization header, with the value of Bearer {authToken}, following the docs and getting started examples for getting a System. I’ve checked my user in terms of roles and permissions, etc, and it appears I should be permitted, so I’m not sure what else to check, or, what other reasons might be contributing to this response. Appreciate any additional info that clarifies, thanks.

I’ve since checked several other API calls. Applications find results in same response, but I’m able to get a complete list of Users. Company info results in:

    "error": "company.unknown",
    "errorParameters": [

Even though the company id is correct, also confirmed in the company id associated in the list of the Users response.

Error 404 means that your request is not found or server is not found, but you can get access token, so I think your GET request to get system is not correct.
Please make sure that your user/pass can find your system on AVMS server.
After getting access token with your user/pass, to get system, you can get with your system’s name.
Make sure that your GET request is correct, below is an example:
SERVER = your server, ex: na.airvantage.net
YOUR_SYSTEM_NAME = the name of system on server
If there are many companies and you want to get 1 system on the company, please add more parameter “company”: https://SERVER/api/v1/systems?name=YOUR_SYSTEM_NAME&company=COMPANY_UID

Set Authorization header is Bearer access_token
If you still can not get your system, please send me your GET request so that I can find which is not correct.


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Thank you. I added the company parameter, but still get the same response. How should I send you the requests? Thanks again.

The problem turned out to be pretty simple. For whatever reason, our systems are managed in the eu, and I’d assumed we’d be in na as we have no deployments in eu. Switched the host url and everything works as expected.