Trouble Using AirVantage API to send AT command to MP70

Several questions;

Trying to use this API:


as documented here:

I am using this curl command

% curl -X POST -H ‘Content-Type: application/json’ -H ‘Accept: application/json’ -H ‘Authorization: Bearer w8rzveESxUn8VT1_twofbMWmXI27jtPyF0VxxwaGC8lY1Gdcw6uvQ6gEYX9Ho9LXhqm15W7704sFM4v8aj2s7Q’ -vvv -d @‘./at.json’ ‘

with this data payload in the file at.json

“systems” : {
“uids” : [“9d4b7aa097584455a4026ec0ededc043”],
“labels” : [“Michael”]
“atcommand” : “AT*NBSIMPRESENT?”

In an example shown in the documentation (replicated below), there is an optional element called action: There is some capability in the API that leverages this concept of an “action”, but I can’t find anything that describes what an action really is and how it’s supposed to work. Can anyone clear this up?

In addition,

“systems” : {
“label” : “labege”
“atcommand” : “AT+CGMR”,
“action” : “OPENAT_AT_COMMAND”

When I submit the AT command, the system does pick it up and run with it - I get an operation uid back and I use that to check status as below:

curl -X GET -H ‘Authorization: Bearer 1s-cZOcvCDUwPE_xM5PJxmAMu0hy-NjjHaemG4tmJDQXgGfdtwici6hEWSBSBAwjUZrbuaqrx_fVR_S1HjYv4Q’ ‘

The error message has to do with a missing action. (ERROR",“message”:“”})

Please share some detail on what an action is and how I could use it.