Hl7800 mqtt at command support

HI I am Daniel of Sales manager at Sierra wireless Korea.
one of our customer asked us if HL7800 support MQTT AT COMMAND or any plan for it?


This is the information that I have from HL7800 software team.

Software team selected is CoAP instead of MQTT on HL7800 to be able to post data to the AV server using a single AT command.
MQTT AT commands have been removed as not part of HL7800 SWI strategy.
As software team is only implemented +AVDATASEND Command for sending data to AirVantage server on firmware BHL78XX.
No plan for the moment to support CoAP AT commands.

thanks for the answers.
is there any alternative module such as CAT.1 or 3G module that can support mqtt at command ?
i found that some of HL series support MQTT Client on Host Processor. i am not sure it is related to MQTT at command or not.


So the avdatasend command goes to the old AV platform and is not commercially available so is not an option. At present there are no options on the units for these protocols.