ALEOS 4.16.0 021 - ALEOS_CELL_RadioTask: GetFotaState: could not find fota state from command AT.DMREAD="5/0/3"

Receiving these messages on several of my RV50 / RV50x devices running this firmware…

Hi @TechZero,

Could you please take a look at the below question/concern and share your answers?

  1. Are you currently performing FOTA on RV50/RV50X?
  2. Please provide the complete log files for the two devices to me.
  3. For RV50X, try updating to ALEOS 4.17 to see if the issue still exists. Because a similar issue has been fixed in ALEOS 4.17.
  4. Link of ALEOS version 4.17:


Thank you Aleos 4.17 stopped the messages.

Will 4.17 FW be available for the RV50? We will be loading 4.17 onto the RV50X’s to stop the “fota state” error. What options are there for dealing with this error on the RV50 platform? Is Sierra Wireless choosing to ignore this issue on the RV50 platform?

Hi @svpavlenko,

ALEOS 4.17 is not available for the RV50.

For RV50 units, please try changing the logging level as per the instructions below to prevent the display of excessive log messages:

Go to AceManager > Admin > Configure Logging

Set the Verbosity of Cellular to Error

Click Apply, then Reboot.