AirPrime MC7354 Win8 API/SDK


I need to interface with an MC7354 device on a Win 8 Embedded box for cellular data transmission. I am using C++ under MS Visual Studio 2013. Is there an SDK available for this purpose? The only SDK I found on the website was for WinCE/Compact7.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

There is no SDK available for Windows 8 Embedded. As you have seen, SDK available are only for WinCE and Compact7.


Well considering that microsoft has just released Windows 10 Mobile as a universal operating system,
as well as that Windows CE came out 20 years ago with the last update being in 2013. Does Sierra Wireless have any plans to upgrade to the new
universal windows OS platform soon?

Yea i know that the system will be supported till 2023 but there’s probably going to be alot of developers that will be upgrading the new universal
OS system and leaving this one behind…

I understand your point. But Sierra don’t have support for this…


hmm. Ok, well thank you for checking anyways.

But i just want to put in that the lack of support for Windows users/developers is really frustrating and disappointing :-/