Development kit for AirPrime MC8355


Hi All,

I’m working on a project that requires a custom watcher application running on a Windows-based tablet PC that includes the AirPrime MC8355. I’m looking for a similar modem that can be connected to my developer workstation for testing purposes. Is there a development kit for this modem, or a similar one that will allow me to use the same API from my custom software? These modems use the Gobi API.




What do you mean by development kit? Are you asking for hardware development kit or SDK(Software Development Kit)?

If it is hardware development kit then you can use MC series development kit hardware provided by Sierra Wireless.
And if you are asking for SDK then QMI SDK is available for the same.

Please contact to Sierra Wireless FAE for providing the hardware development kit or QMI SDK.



Sorry, I was referring to a hardware development kit. Something that will allow me to connect the MC8355 to my development machine such that it appears to windows the same as if it were embedded within the tablet.

I’ve seen various Sierra Wireless development kits for sale, but I’m not sure which one I need, or who sells it.