WCDMA Neighbor list on 7354

Hi everyone,

I’m moving away from the MC7700 to the MC7354 but it doesn’t have the +USET implement (along with others). Is there an alternative? Can’t find any alternative on the MC7354 docs.


Have you looked at the QMI interface? It returns that info on my 7304.

I haven’t gotten around it because the software we made used the AT commands instead.

I’m taking over this project and learned that we have to try out the newer 7354. I’ll contact our rep for the QMI SDK as I don’t have it, or is there a download link on the sierra wireless developer pages?

You have to get the official QMI SDK from Sierra rep. Or you can look at the unofficial open source libqmi.

But to get decent documentation on QMI interface you will need the SDK.