AirCard 313u LTE testing

Dear All,

I would like establish connection between wireless modem(AirCard 313u) and Agilent BSE(E6621A PXT). The test USIM is COMPARION USIM.
According AirCard 313u specification It should support LTE band 4 and 17 i.e. 1700MHz, 700MHz.

AirCard 313u directly connected to the BSE via RF cable(cable connected to AirCard antenna port 1).
During the manual network searching activation while searching option configured to “ALL BANDS” the AirCard 313u finds only 3G wireless operators (e.g. Cellcom, Orange, etc…). And if the searching option configured to “LTE BANDS”, the AirCard 313u cannot find any PLMN at all.

Please advise for a possible solution.

Thanks in advance,


What is the response of AT!CUSTOM,AT!GSTATUS commands.

Also check the response of AT!SELRAT commands.

Refer to Supported AT command guide and Extended AT command guide for Aircard/Airprime UMTS.