LTE Wireless Modem using MC7304

I am working on a Wireless Modem compatible with Argentinean frequencies. I am planning to replace the current MC7304 used on this Modem with one compatible with Argentinean Mobile frequencies bands.

        The Argentinean Mobile Frequencies bands are:

2G: 850 / 1900
3G: 850 / 1900
4G: Band 4 (AWS, 1700*) / Band 28 (APT700, 700 MHz**)

        Is it possible to firmware upgrade my MC7304 to be compatible with the Argentinean frequencies bands?

Changing FW won’t help here…

I have gone through the PTS of MC7304. As per the PTS, MC7304 supports the 2G and 3G bands mentioned, but doesn’t support the mentioned 4G band.

But I found in the PTS of MC7354, it supports mentioned 2G, 3G and 4G band 4(AWS, 1700) :slight_smile: