adl_ioReadSingle func problem solved

in the eg program in adl_gpio.h there is a mistake, in adl_ioReadSingle func .
its given as adl_ioReadSingle (MyGpioHandle1, ADL_IO_GPIO | My_Gpio_Label1 [ 1 ] );
but the 2nd argument is a pointer, this will give u error.

Instead use this,

adl_ioDefs_t MyGpioConfig1[1] = { ADL_IO_GPIO | 30 | ADL_IO_DIR_IN | ADL_IO_LEV_HIGH };

// In the MyGpioEventHandler
adl_ioReadSingle (MyGpioHandle1, &MyGpioConfig1 );

This will definetly work fine. :slight_smile:

Thank You