GPIO Documentation Error for Open-AT v5.0

The ADL User Guide for Open-AT v5.00 - Revision 001, 19 Feb 2007, WM_DEV_OAT_UGB_037 - gives the single-read and single-write prototypes as:

But the prototypes in adl_gpio.h for Open-AT v5.0 (OS version 5.00.02; shipped with Open-AT Software Suite v1.00) are:

ie, the ioDefs parameter should be a pointer.

The example code in the ADL User Guide and in the comment at the top of adl_gpio.h also appear to be wrong.

You are correct.
I detected the same error in ADL User Guide for Open AT® OS v6.01, Revision 008 - April 2008.
Probably Wavecom didn’t test the example code.

I am certain that they have not tested the example code! :angry:

All of the examples that use timers are wrong - because none of them has been updated to take account of the additional parameter now required by the handler function!! :angry:

How can you seriously ship examples with such glaring errors?! :angry: :angry:

Thank you users for your contributions. We have taken your feedback under consideration and the problems would be fixed soon.


Those faults are not corrected at this time in the doc!!

Thatis incredible that documentations are released without testing the code.
The examples for GPIO are totally WRONG :imp: :imp: !!!

Im’ disappointed by the docs and the support : errors, bad firmware, etc…

That’s not serious…



in the eg program in adl_gpio.h there is a mistake, in adl_ioReadSingle func.
its given as adl_ioReadSingle (MyGpioHandle1, ADL_IO_GPIO | My_Gpio_Label1 [ 1 ] );
but the 2nd argument is a pointer, this will u error.

Instead use this,

adl_ioDefs_t MyGpioConfig1[1] = { ADL_IO_GPIO | 30 | ADL_IO_DIR_IN | ADL_IO_LEV_HIGH };

// In the MyGpioEventHandler
adl_ioReadSingle (MyGpioHandle1, &MyGpioConfig1 );

This will definetly work fine.

Thank You