adl_ioRead function clarification


I have realized that you cannot use adl_ioRead solely for ports configured as outputs. I mean, if you configure ios as outputs by a call such as

telemetryHandle = adl_ioSubscribe (ADL_IO_Q24X6_GPIO_4, 0, 0x00000000, 0, NULL);

then, when you make a call to adl_ioRead for telemetyHandle it returns ADL_RET_ERR_BAD_STATE. (in the documentation this is said to mean there is nothing to read.)

This behaviour is a little strange to me because I wished to use adl_ioRead to track the state of outputs in my application. (not use variables in the c application, since it is a little error prone)

Am I correct in my observation that you cannot read output ports by adl_ioRead? If so, I will submit a post to have the docs clarified.

Best Regards,
Yigit Erdal Bora