Access management web from different subnet?

I have a Sierra Wireless AirLink GX450 that I have recently set up, but while I can access the management web interface/telnet interface from a machine in the same subnet as the device, I can’t seem to connect to either from a different subnet connected to the LAN. Please note, I am NOT talking about remote access via cellular - I don’t want that, I want to access it via the LAN, but from a different subnet.

Routing does appear to be working properly, as I can ping the device, and even send/receive SMS messages using UDP packets from a machine on a different LAN subnet, but when I try to access the web interface it just stalls. Trying to access telnet says it gets connected, but then the connection is dropped before it asks for my password.

How can I fix this so I can log into my device from a different LAN subnet? Thanks.

Ok, seriously, what am I missing here? For the life of me, I can’t seem to find any way to allow LAN access to the web/telnet interface from outside the devices class C subnet. Further, I can’t even seem to find any place to SET the subnet for the LAN! This is basic networking, and I can’t find it on this device! What gives?

In the manual, there is a feature called Host Port Routing. You need to set the gateway and subnet information here. Then it should route on your local Lan Properly.

Thanks, but as I tried to make clear in my original post, it does ROUTE on the lan properly - I can ping, I can send and receive UDP packets (SMS messages), I can even get an initial telnet connection - but the device simply refuses to accept any connections on the web or telnet interfaces from outside the local subnet. UDP communication works fine from any subnet. With telnet, I get a telnet connection, but i’m never presented with a password prompt, and the connection is closed after a couple of seconds. With the web interface, I can contact the server (http socket connection is opened), but again I never get a response.

What it looks like is an access control list that is only allowing administrative access from the class C that the device is in, and I can’t find any where to set who is allowed. Or even to set what subnet the device is in, for that matter (just for DHCP).