About DOTA Feature

Hi All,

I am searching for any sample program or document on DOTA feature.

Can anyone help me? :question:




DOTA I is theoretically simply, here are the steps:

1.adl_adSubscribe(naplo_cell, ADL_AD_SIZE_UNDEF) //Subscribe to a cell
2.adl_adWrite(download_handle, DataLen, Data) //write the new program into it
3.adl_adFinalise(download_handle) //finalise the cell
4.adl_adInstall(download_handle) // install the cell
5.pray :slight_smile:

You can find more about this functions in the ADL user guide!

DOTA II (firmware upgrade) may be functional, it is pointless now, because there is no firmare above 6.55 (to my knowledge). I think we will have to make enough space with AT+WOPEN = 6 command for the new core. I guess we have to send a new Open AT appli along with the core for the sake of Open AT compatibility (AT+WOPEN=2), so more space should be needed. It is only a guess, because i have not encountered official information about it.