Help regarding DOTA - II feature

Hi All,
Is there some specific setting to be done before performing DOTA -II (Download of complete AT software over the air)? Does anybody know what changes to be done (if any) to the amount of space to allocate to A&D storage memory (as the core AT software is much larger in size than a normal Open-AT application)?

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I have not seen OS 6.55 (with DOTA - II) yet, but there is a flyer about OS 6.55 (support — Open AT Software & Wireless CPUs — Open AT software.) From that, i think if we want to use DOTA-II the following memory spaces is available on B memory modules (A is not supported by DOTA) : 256 KB OAT ROM, 128KB OAT RAM, 128 KB Flash Object space, 1,2 MB DOTA I-DOTA II space.