AAF not started

I’m running an AAF application on about 15 different RV50s and have had to restart 5 of them in the last couple weeks because the program has stopped running. When it happens, the Ace manager still works remotely and you can go to the Application tab and expand “AAF Applications” to see the words “AAF not started”

A reboot has always got it back working. Somehow I am crashing the AAF service itself it seems.

Some were working for a few months, and some crashed after only a couple weeks.

Not doing anything complicated, just sending TCP packet every hour and monitoring the analog input.

Any idea what could cause this behavior? I’ve monitored the “Available RAM” over a few days and don’t see it changing significantly. CPU load stays at about .38
Running 4.8.0



Please contact authorized distributor in SWI for your support to provide you the solution.
you can refer to below mentioned link to get the authorized distributor details.

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